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Brown hare – Lepus Europaeus

Brown hares are present almost all over the world. The natural range of the species spreads from the steppes of Africa up to the south of Finland, although they prefer drier agricultural areas with warm soil temperatures the most. Brown hares are one of the most popular small game species of Hungary with an estimated stock of 540 000 in 2010.




Distribution in Hungary:

As brown hares have a preference for agricultural lands interspersed with lines of trees or forests of warm soil, they are found in the greatest numbers in the southern counties of the Great Plain. A total of 130-140 000 brown hares are bagged within the country annually. The most hares are shot in County Békés with around 28 000 hares bagged a year but significant populations live in County Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok and Csongrád, as well.



Hunting season:

Brown hare                       1 October – 31 January




Hunting methods:

Similarly to pheasants, hares are hunted collectively. The most efficient method of hunting hares is the so called Czech strip with requires a group of 10-15 hunters. This method can yield a bag of even 3-400 hares a day. In addition to the Czech strip, line drives and U-drives can also be successful if smaller groups of hunters are involved. These techniques provide a daily bag of around 50-100 hares. Shrub hunting is recommended for groups of 3-4 hunters, with this technique pheasants can also be shot in addition to hares.

Recommended shot size for brown hares: 4 mm

Hare hunting combines well with pheasant and mallard hunting.

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